Black Bear Mug

Meet your new coffee date! This charming bear mug is a wonderful addition to any mug collection. You won’t be able to resist smiling at your new friend when you open your cupboard and see it smiling back at you.

Product Information


14-18 oz

All of our mugs are handmade so they do vary in size. We do our best to keep them in this range.

Stands 4” tall and 4” wide at the belly

Every Salty Sea Dog Designs creation is sent to their new home with an adorable adoption certificate. We believe that you are not just purchasing a mug but adding a companion to your daily routine. We love seeing our creatures go to their forever homes and encourage you to share your adoption story with us on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #mysaltyseaadoptee.



This mug is lovingly created on the wheel and then the features are built on by hand. Since all of our mugs are built one at a time, no two mugs are exactly the same. Our mugs are also hand painted adding to the unique design on every mug. You may be able to see our hands at work in the brush strokes of the glaze. You may also notice some texture in spots. This is part of our handmade quality and the uniqueness to every piece.


Salty Sea Dog Designs is happy to return or exchange your purchase within 14 days of delivery. We request that the original item to be returned to us in original condition before any refund or exchange is completed. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipping costs back to the original purchaser for an exchanged item will be covered by Salty Sea Dog Designs

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews


Beary good mug

Just scooped one of these up on the seconds sale...technically a custom color mug, but same design. I am in love with this mug - it is so cute and the wide base is perfect for someone clumsy. Keeps my drink hot for a while too so I can sip it slowly. Love this one!

Sian L
I have a lil one

I think I scooped the last smaller version of this mug that they had, but I think my review still applies. This is my hot chocolate mug as the size is great for a lil treato. The shape is VERY sturdy which can be great on clumsy days, but the wider bottom still fits my cup warmer. I really do love the personality and cute faces they give all their designs.


The triangle shape is great if you're like me and often put your mug down on ... questionable surfaces shall we say. The wide base is very reassuring. I love the contrast of the eyebrows/snout with the black body.


Beautiful hand made product, well packaged and I LOVE the adoption certificates for the mugs. It’s a small but really fun and unique addition to the experience

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